Equinox 2018
vvvv-programmer, concept

The Project

Picture of the dance performance

Photo: Aaron van Dijk

Equinox was the first cooperation of the HAW Hamburg with the Planetarium Hamburg, where we as students were allowed to create content and explore the immersive medium that the fulldome is. Over half a year or one semester students from five different fields of studies (Bachelors Media Technology, Media Systems and Communication Design as well as Masters Timedependant Media Sound - Vision and Illustration) came together and worked together in this project. The result was a full length evening show in the planetarium, consisting of a whole bunch of nice small works. While working on this new medium was quite a challenge, it also was a lot of fun and we gained a whole lot of experience, that some of us used in later projects.

My Work

This project was my first introduction to vvvv as well as spatial audio. I learned a lot about mapping and different workflows and even if I didn't work with spatial audio myself, I collected some impressions and got captured by enthusiasm. I also started working with Blender, to model and UV-map a dome for our previsualisation. Even though I couldn't get a full understanding yet, it was a lot of fun to explore, how 3D-Mappings and perspective work, tricking the human perception. Finding out by trial and error was a long process but felt really good, when we got the first working previsualization in VR. In later projects I started to read into the whole world of projection- and view-matrices and the basic principles of projection mappings.

My part however was to program the 2d content we got from our illustration students and bring it to 3d in vvvv. It really fascinated me, what a Illusion you can get in a medium like the fulldome, which looked really 3-dimensional and realistic. In fact I did a bunch of projects using this medium after this initial experience. Some of them are the flimmerdome, Visiontale and various Workshops as well as a visit at the fulldome Festival in Jena.

Picture of the dance performance

Photo: Fabian Schmidtke

Thanks to my Team Members, who helped creating the short movie Eggquinox: Gloria Schulz, Ai Nhu Vo, Fabian Kuonen, Perci Chen, Cam Tu Nguyen, Melina Stephan