Who Am I?

I am Fynn König, a Media Engineer based in Hamburg, Germany. The world of Media (in its whole width, ranging from film and music production to events and everything in between) fascinated me for my whole life and working in the industry is a dream coming true everyday.

Currently I am finishing my Bachelor's degree in Media Technology (B. SC., HAW Hamburg) and working as an intern for Intermediate Engineering. After that I want to continue studying and get a Master's degree, as the most important thing for me is to keep learning, creating, experimenting and just trying out and getting to know new things.

If you want to learn about my abilities, keep on scrolling. If you are interested in the projects I did, you can take a look at my portfolio.

Picture of the dance performance

Photo: Fink Magazine

Machen ist die krasse Form von Sagen.

Heiko Wandrey

What I Do:

Video Technology

  • Video-Playout & Mapping
  • Video System Planing
  • Video Concept Development
  • Media Server Administration

Audio Technology

  • Audio System Planing
  • Audio Desk Operator
  • Music Production
  • Dante-Operator
  • PA Planing


  • Web-Development
  • Basic Python-Scripting
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Working with APIs
  • Knowledge of Protocols
  • specialised on Media Technology


  • Immersive Technologies
  • System Integration
  • Technical Lead
  • Agile Management Basics

My Portfolio

Robe LDS 2020
Lichterfest 19
PL Projects

Over the last few years I participated in more than two dozen projects, including Mute Solo, the Studio Hamburg Cooperation, Klingt Gut, Who is Alice and much more.