Lichterfest 2019
Video- & Audioplaning & programming, concept & content

The Project

Picture of the dance performance

Photo: Fynn König

Once a year the Media Campus of the HAW Hamburg (Mundsburg) creates a great exhibition to present the students works. I regularly participated in different projects for this exhibition, like doing the whole audio-setup and planing for the "Flimmerdome", which was a prove of concept 8-speaker ring using a Yamaha LS9 and a Computer running Max MSP for spatialization.

In 2019 however I decided to create something on my own. My idea was to create a great cube where the audience could walk in. The walls were projection surfaces, onto which we projected using short-distance-projectors as well a a moving-head-projector, the Robe Minime.

My Approach

I really like the idea of playing around with different techniques to view immersive 360° Content without the need of wearing a VR-Headset. However, we used a VR-Controller to make the users point to a place, where the moving head would project onto, while the video seems to be standing still (countering the movement of the Minime with a reverse transformed mapping). The hard point was to find a way to measure, how the moving head moved, as there is a great difference between the position provided by the dmx-values and the real position when moving. I had to come up with a way to measure the movement-speed and the velocity curves of the fixture, to counter it's movement.

To create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere, I decided to with a quadrophonic loudspeaker-setup, hidden behind the projection surface. For the small room this worked really well. As I also was responsible for the whole audiopart, including music, sound mixing and athmo-sounds, I was really happy with that.

Picture of the dance performance

Photo: Fynn König

The Content

Picture of the dance performance

Photo: Fnn König

There were roughly one or two weeks to create the whole content, so I knew, that we wouldn't be able to create some fully CG content, considering the workload (we were 3 people working on the content and all had things to do next to that) itself and the enormous render times. That's why I decided to shoot some actresses in front of a green screen, as this would make it way easier to create the content with some real emotions. The shoot was really fun, thanks to Kathi, Sophie and Sarai and the fact that we had to find a lot of improvised solutions.

Thanks to everyone, who helped me: Aaron van Dijk, Alex Nham, Sarai Bieber, Sophie Aouami, Kathi Otte, Kevin Schweikert, Gloria Schulz.

Photos & Videos